Kristin Beadle UX Design Leadership

Transforming Fitness: BowFlex IC Bike SE and Max Trainer SE Launch

With the BowFlex brand relaunch, the focus was on introducing innovative cardio products that leveraged the new visual brand language, increased engagement with JRNY, and seamlessly integrated within the JRNY ecosystem.

The Goal

Introduce the new products and significantly enhance JRNY activation rates. This required a multifaceted approach, involving product design, digital integration, and customer engagement strategies.

The Approach

Designed for brand, crafting product brand language to embody BowFlex and the joy of movement while seamlessly integrating with the JRNY platform — vital for enhancing user experience.

Enabled BYOD access by leveraging Bring Your Own Device functionality, allowing users to easily connect their devices to the JRNY platform, unlocking personalized, immersive workout experiences.

Introduced console QR code, streamlining access to product-specific landing pages for effortless setup, fresh workouts, and customer support.

Fostered engagement through collaboration with Content and Membership Teams to strategize and execute ongoing campaigns, amplifying JRNY membership value through awareness and education.

Winning Results

Improved user experience with seamless JRNY integration, offering immersive workouts and easy use through QR codes and landing pages.

Achieved 55% increase in JRNY activation through meticulous design integration and enhanced user engagement strategies, validating the approach and showcasing product resonance.

Reinforced brand with the successful launch of IC Bike SE and Max Trainer SE, enhancing BowFlex's innovative image and bottom line.