Kristin Beadle UX Design Leadership

Modernizing an Evolving Design System

JRNY’s design system faced inconsistencies causing delays and a loss of trust. It no longer met the team's growing needs and the increasing ecosystem complexity, requiring modernization for better collaboration, scalability, and efficiency.

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The Goal

Direct the UX design team to seamlessly transition JRNY’s design system from Sketch to Figma, prioritizing scalability, collaboration, and workflow efficiency improvements while minimizing disruptions to ongoing projects.

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The Approach

Secured dedicated oversight by recruiting and hiring a Digital Production Designer to govern the design system, ensuring coherence and evolution.

Identified pain points through a comprehensive audit and stakeholder engagement; selected Figma for collaboration, prototyping, and scalability.

Executed with precision, leading a global team in integrating complex projects during the migration process, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Optimized the design library by culling outdated elements, modernizing various components, and standardizing for enhanced efficiency and user experience.

Trained for empowerment by implementing training, support, and communications to ensure proficiency in Figma as the single source of truth.

Built trust by evangelizing the new system to rebuild team confidence, emphasizing consistency and efficiency.

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The Results

Delivered project on-time, modernizing the system effectively.

Increased collaboration and scalability by 35+%, streamlining workflow and improving productivity.

Transitioned smoothly, demonstrating adaptability and readiness for future growth.

Empowered the team, equipping them with skills and tools for efficient project handling.

Boosted morale by rebuilding trust and confidence through successful execution, fostering a positive work environment.