Kristin Beadle UX Design Leadership

Enhancing JRNY’s Fitness Platform with AI-Powered Motion Tracking

JRNY aimed to enhance its connected fitness platform by integrating a personalized strength workout experience with BowFlex SelectTech 552 dumbbells, providing real-time form feedback to users.

The Goal

Create seamless, well-paced strength workouts with automatic weight and reps recommendations based on user progress.

The new system needed to accurately track user movements and provide real-time feedback using vision and voice technologies on mobile devices positioned 6 feet away, within a 12-month time frame.

Strength workout UX and VUX flow diagrams
Initial user positioning set up
During strength workout with King Hancock

The Approach

Assembled a core team of UX strategy, design, voice UX, engineering, machine learning, exercise science, and research experts to drive the project.

Developed advanced technology including computer vision and machine learning algorithms and AI-powered vision and voice technology for real-time form feedback.

Facilitated collaboration between development, UX, and research teams — crucial for integrating two new technologies within a short time frame.

Expanded research capabilities with digital qualitative research tools (dscout, Qualtrics in-app surveys) and machine learning data collection support to ensure user diversity and inform continuous improvement.

Gathered feedback from stakeholders and beta testers to refine the system.

Ensured integration through rigorous user testing and optimization to guarantee a seamless workout experience.

Impressive Results

Successfully delivered JRNY with Motion Tracking within the 12-month timeframe, showcasing BowFlex's commitment to innovation and delivery.

Demonstrated exceptional teamwork, culminating in the successful launch and its subsequent positive reception in the market.

Transformed the JRNY ecosystem with personalized strength workouts, providing a human-centric experience that enhances user satisfaction and reaffirms dedication to tailored fitness solutions.